Alexandria - 34 St 252 Elmontazah
Cairo | Nasr City - 69 El Safarat District

Maintenance of facilities and administrative buildings

A comprehensive maintenance plan to serve the client's buildings and facilities
We provide scheduled and preventive maintenance programs and react quickly to any sudden maintenance

in case of any emergency to the customer where we provide solutions that drive

the productivity of the customer and contribute to non-stop and crashes for any reason.

Our team of engineers and technicians experience in the work

(electricity - air conditioning and cooling - carpentry - plumbing - metal - paints - fire alarm - etc.)

They can evaluate the buildings and report the level of the building and therefore are placed. Our maintenance service, whether

permanent on site or mobile maintenance or all of them, we cover the preventive and sudden maintenance plan for the customer to

ensure the operation of the customer's facility and the flow of his work to the fullest.

We offer two types of maintenance.
• Preventive maintenance: which includes routine and regular maintenance services for systems and equipment and this leads to the reduction of emergencies and the breakdown of systems in buildings, leading to the interruption of work at the facility.
• Corrective maintenance: which includes many important maintenance that require immediate attention and can be avoided through preventive and anticipated maintenance.

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