Alexandria - 34 St 252 Elmontazah
Cairo | Nasr City - 69 El Safarat District

About Elandlous

Elandalous Services, introduce a new Solutions indoor and outdoor for integrated facilits managent on Maentenance- - Housekeeping - landscape - Catering - PPE & F.F Supplies
The company was established in 2010
The aim of our working team is to satisfy our clients who seek professional Integrated Facilities Mangament.

Strategic Objectives

  • Provide best value for the cost
  • Offer reliable solutions
  • Improve customer satisfaction
  • Reduce waste
  • Increase and improve community outreach
  • Create a map of work and policies of the project
  • Achieve the objectives desired by the customer

Keys to Success


The Mission of the Facilities Management Team is to create a safe, efficient, and exemplary environment, offering the best solutions to our customers ’needs.


 Facilities Management is a team of highly skilled and dedicated employees supporting multiple customers.


We will continuously maintain a proactive position, "can do." We will deal with our work in an organized and logical way - we plan our work and work on our plan. We will keep our tools and equipment on standby, able to respond to both our daily tasks and any emergencies. We will be proud of our achievements and our response.

Experience Years
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