Alexandria - 34 St 252 Elmontazah
Cairo | Nasr City - 69 El Safarat District

Security and guarding of private property and facilities

• Continuous presence inside the building of the facility to be secured

on the outer doors of the control • The entry and exit of individuals

and users of the facility. • Roaming within the facility to ensure

that security is preserved. • Receiving arrivals and guiding them to the right place.
• Good handling of staff and guest gentlemen.
• Continuous monitoring of workers and understanding of their work.
• Secure fences.
• Securing stores.
• Ability to react quickly and properly in urgent situations.
• 24-hour escort works for the following: Call it 8 hours or 2 pink each 12 hours

• The company is bound by a consistent uniform.
• The company supports individuals with security equipment to enable it to perform

its tasks such as:» Stick Black Jack battery for lighting at night» Siren Alert» Sound Gun

• Supports Afara company D with wireless devices if they need to be present.
• The passage of sector managers and service supervisors to activate personnel

, help remove security obstacles and work to solve emergency problems.
• Registering and securing equipment and appliances for the facility.
• Inspect any material or parcels when entering the facility.
• Implementation of industrial security instructions and maintenance of instructions

issued by the Department of Administration.

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